Monday, 8 April 2013

Find the best stone elements with heavenly designs

If it is not possible to bring down the heaven into your indoor and outdoor areas, it is definitely possible to create an atmosphere close to it. With exquisite stone elements available with us in various designs, shapes, sizes and colors, you can transform your indoors as well as outdoors into a place of heavenly pleasure. 

You will find architectural elements made with the highest quality stone and designed to perfection which all conjures in forming the architectural style of any structure made of various categories of stones. We are the leaders in stone carving, designing and architectural fabrication with stone procured directly from the quarries and transformed into pieces of art by our skilled and articulate craftsmen, putting life into them. Among a wide collection of architectural elements, you will find comices, decorative features, corbels, lighting and other pieces of architectural artifacts to enhance the beauty of your living area. Brighten up your garden with these unique pieces of ornamental stone elements available in wide range of colors and designs. We are specialized in providing customized service in designing and installation to earn your full satisfaction. Included among the range of stone architectural elements having stunning looks, are window and door surrounds, capstone moldings, pilaster finials, friezes, crowns, sconces and columns. Extra ordinary looking cast stone floor skirting with matching end pieces and corners to enliven the ambience of the room. Stone arches are custom made for any shape of window and custom cladding for vent hoods in kitchen is our specialty. 

We are proud to have the best Corinthian columns designed at the base with immaculate sculpting with gorgeous designs. Choose from a variety of textures and colors, the Corinthian columns with distinctive styles and unmatched quality. There are columns which gives the impression of stone blocks carved in alternating patterns. There are different styles of columns available in traditional, contemporary, antique and gothic designs, made of the finest quality stone. 

You will find a number of designs in limestone fireplaces which look absolutely stunning especially when completed with surrounding. You will find limestone fireplaces made of Portuguese limestone with traditional design and the fireplaces made of Oslo and the Portman limestone with contemporary design to enhance the beauty of the living room. There are fireplaces made of Katia limestone and those designed with small blocks of limestone with clear and crisp lines noticeable. Each of these limestone fireplaces is uniquely designed after proper research work and by using the latest laser technology in cutting and carving. Limestone adds to the beauty of stone elements naturally, giving the element an outstanding look. 

We have been in the industry of stone carving and designing for many years having a team of master craftsmen who have both traditional and innovative ideas to present a piece of stone architecture which will catch the eyes of guests. These fascinating stone elements are simply irresistible to take your eyes off, as they command your appreciation whenever you come near them.

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