Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cantera stone- versatile and stylish

If you are planning on adding an interesting touch to your home, you should consider cantera stone. You can use cantera stone to make a whole lot of things like columns, pillars, a wall etc.

Cantera stone is like sandstone to touch, but the look is polished and smooth like marble or granite. You can use slabs of the stone or tiles made of the stone. It is a widely used multi-purpose stone and is used in most houses for a variety of things. It is naturally a very beautiful looking stone, so it does not need any embellishments and at the maximum it needs only slight carvings. It can easily be crafted and designed into pillars, columns, entire walls or doorways. You can use this stone to accentuate an interesting part of your house, or use it to create a visually stunning centerpiece. 

If you have a garden, you can use this stone to build a beautiful entrance. You can add columns made of cantera stone to your house to give it the look of a mansion. A fireplace made with this stone also looks amazing. 

Inside the house, you can use this stone to cover up an entire wall so that your room showcases different textures and feels. Even if you leave the wall completely bare, it will add a lot of refinement and style to your room. This stone is available in horde of different colors like peach, pink, creamy white, tan, beige, brown, charcoal and black. You can either contrast or match the existing d├ęcor of your room. This stone looks great on a wall in the den. Choose a deep shade of brick red to give it a rustic and lived in feel. This stone is popular in all kinds of homes and if you want to try something different and novel, you should take a look at it.

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