Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Local Beauty Cantera Steals Hearts Of Builders And Customers Alike

A special kind of stone has long been used as a uniqueelement to accentuate the attractiveness and elegance of the buildings in the Mexican regions and the American states that are close to it. There have been many buildings constructed in hues of the mountains and they look absolutely breathtaking against the backdrop of the hills and mountains the stone has been quarried from. Traditionally, the stone was quarried from the faces of the hills that were in the vicinity so they looked all the similar.

Especially notable features

The stone called Cantera after the “quarries” it was mined from, is a product of the reaction between volcanic ashes and the dusty soil of the regions. The specialty of this stone is that it is both durable as well as soft. It can be used to construct solid structures and the surface of the stone allows designs to be carved on it very easily. It has the ability to pull into itself the air around it as well as the humidity, without enhancing its own volume.

Construction and decoration together

The unique qualities of the stone make it a perfect stone for construction. Outside exposure does not cause much harm to it due to the absorbent qualities it possesses. Additionally, the stone has been quarried from mountains which see the extremities of nature of all kind and are even born out of it. The Cantera building materials of Architectural Stone Elements are both elegant, colorful and make it worth the money spent to acquire them from the dealers.

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