Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Finishing ways with stone to get the texture and look you desire

Nowadays, stone is the very important element for your home decoration. Many types of stones such as marble, granite, sand stone are broadly used on wall cover and flooring textiles. However, these are natural and very stunning in appearance. In fact, professionals design them in such a way that they appear far more beautiful when used as different forms of exterior finishes. This contains from the collection of stone aspects, to the plan and hand carving of the carvings, to the logistics absorbs relief and mechanism. has lot of techniques to finish stone architecture to obtain the texture and look you want. Finishing structure associated with particular types of stones depend on its power features and mineral substance. Here are some general methods for stone look:

Normal Cleft Stone

It is a natural type of Cleft Stone, where you find some kinds of Bluestone in the form of schist. This type of stone can be cracked to reveal an asymmetrical surface.

Polished or Horned

Honed is a part of cleft stone that is useful in floors to take out saw cut spots. It makes a very soft and satin end.
Flowering shrub Hammered

Bush hammered is a tool with a pointed hammer to generate a rough surface or texture. Best thing about this type of stone architecture is that it is an enormous non-slip surface.

Natural or Usual Fieldstone

These types of stones remain in their natural conditions. Here professionals can apply suitable technique to generate an oblique corridor or terrace.


You could easily drip and heat this type of stone with the help of torch.  

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