Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Some important architectural elements of house decoration

Frankly speaking, apart from money, the thing which distinguishes luxury home interior decorations is the details to elements. These luxury homes are a real delight to its observers that is if they are decorated properly by giving attention to its every detail. In this article we are going to focus on those elements and pre-requisites. So readers just browse the paragraphs below.

The stimulation of vibrant colors, the radiant textures, and the overall appeal can really make its admirers submit to its beauty. Though the artistic appeal of beautiful and expensive furnishing decorates are of utmost importance, the function still remains it’s most crucial pre-requisite. Also another thing which the readers must know is that luxury is a term which can be defined as well as expressed by different individuals’ needs and requirements. But just so to provide them a helping hand here is a few potent architectural element suggestions.


Hard-wood floors fit into all sorts of decorative style. There are wonderful options such as Walnut, Maple, Birch, Hickory, Cherry, Acacia and etc. Most luxury homes feature also comprise of various décor patterns such as parquet flooring, stone inlays and floor medallions to elevate the look of the floor. Some other awesome options for the readers to use are leather floor tiles, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, stone tiles, marbles and etc.


Walls as per experts are said to be that portion of the house where most of the décor experiments can be pulled off. One can add some marvelous textures, paintings, as well as vivid color dimensions in the same interest of the room. Stone veneer panels, as well as wall tiles can also add that element of marvel to the wall surface. Some of the other architectural features which readers can also employ are leather wall panels, crown molding, mahogany wood paneling, convention engraved wood panels to render that sophisticated look about to the wall surface.


Properly decorated ceilings can transcend the look of any architecture to a different level. So in order to make the luxury house appear like a heavenly abode, then one can try out ceiling tiles accompanied with glue, nails or by even plummeting them down to a grid-work system fitted at about below the actual celling. Other architectural elements for ceiling decorates are exposed wood beams, ceiling medallions just above the chandeliers or big pendants, coffered ceilings etc.


Lightings do more than just light up the house interiors. They make the other decorative elements of the house noticeable and even more mesmerizing. Large chandeliers and pendants can add that dramatic pivotal point for the dining, living, and even bedrooms. Apart from that other décor options such as floor lamps, wall sconces apart from keeping those dark portions at bay also add the touch of oomph factor to the décor element. One can also use accent lights such as cove lightings and indoor plant, sculptures, art and also small spot lights to again make the architectural decorates appealing!

Furniture and accessories:

For the furniture, readers can use commodities made from upscale elements such as velvet, leather, silk etc. High lacquered, and exotic wood such as mahogany, ebony upholstery finishes, conventional handcrafted detailing such as Mother of Pearl inlays, hand paintings, as well as other antiques having either ultra-modern designs, or sleek and contemporary styles depending on the house interior décors. As accessories readers can use large vases, oversized planters, exotic artifacts, paintings, sculptures, fancy jabots and swags and many other items for their inner house decorations. One can also log on into the and tend to some of its architectural elements options.


However these are just a few suggestions and there is no hard and fast rule that one has to follow only these options. Readers must remember that house decoration comes from the heart and for that there is no rule book needed. So use them as references but importantly follow the heart. Then only will one be able to make their home a heavenly abode.

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