Thursday, 7 May 2015

Important things to know about Corinthian columns

The Corinthian styles of columns are really beautiful to look when they are installed to any given architectural construction. The word Corinthian indicates a column style design which was developed in ancient Greek and later on settled down to be considered as classical components for making architecture. This design is carved with lavish ornaments and is beautifully carved to resemble flowers and leaves. Even today there are several instances when such fabulous designs are seen used in the making of several constructions. To keeping up with the line of reference, we are going to present before our readers a segment where we will discuss more about the stunning design and also make our intelligent readers know about a place where they would be able to get them at cost-convenient fashion. So, those who seem interested in knowing about it, just cater to the stanzas which plummet.

Some important facts about the design:

The Corinthian columns comprise of features such as mainly grooved shafts and capital decorated with scrolls. Some of them also have characteristics such as ornaments atop the capital flare indicating a sense of height. If we go a little deeper then history suggests that this was probably invented by the 5th century B.C by the architect Callimachus. Its name is also derived from the ancient Greek city Corinth.

Some of the popular styles which are seen employing the Corinthian columns are Neo-classical, Beaux arts and off-course classical. They are also employed in the making of some of the best buildings in the world namely- the Pantheon in Rome, The Colosseum in Rome, the U.S Supreme court building, the Vanderbilt marble house, the classical Corinthian capital-Agora, Athens, the New York stock exchange building, Broad Street in New York.

The website to look:

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