Friday, 26 June 2015


Architectural Stone Elements is a globally renowned corporation who has a very great and vast experience in dealing with fine and high quality stone elements. This includes from the planning to the designing and hand carving of the stone sculptures, to the entire logistics involved in every delivery and installation of the stone elements. This team has an extensive and fully experienced craftsman and they work with full passion with travertine, Cantera volcanic stone, limestone  and marble. Stone architecture involves a lot of artistic sense and they are capable of creating a natural finish to your place.
Stone columns are one kind of masonry construction that is being used for about hundreds of years.  Stone tiles are always preferred for their rich and porch look. These craftsmen know how to work effectively and diligently with builders, engineers, homeowners and architects in procuring the customers’ needs and this exceeds their expectations.  They have a commendable number of extensive networks of talented craftsman and artisans who work very hard with the customers to craft and design the beautiful, elegant and exquisite stone carvings.  Columns are a form of Greece architecture. People in Greece compulsorily have these columns in their homes. They create a very good ambience in the home.
The historical look given by these columns are really special in every home which is being constructed with these columns. The name Cantera is derived from the Spanishword for quarry. The properties of these stones are unique. These properties give unique texture, color, softness and durability that allows for a detailed cutting and carving. These stones are mostly used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and customized homes.
Column designs are available in different designs and lengths which enables us to install them in different places. Usually, Corinthian columns are installed on the ceiling. Sometimes, they can be installed in the front portion of the home which gives an elegant look. If chosen and installed in a correct way, these columns give a home an impressive and shiny look. The columns which are installed in the front part of the house must be very beautiful because that gives an impressive look to your home. Very few people who have a very good artistic sense install these columns in their homes. Architectural columns provider provide beautiful columns for their customers which attracts customers from all parts of the world.

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